I often think of something during the week that will fit a particular challenge but in the true spirit of Blip, I always take the photograph ON the day - so when we were out shopping and I was thinking of my Blip for that day, I also realised that I could use some of the things we bought for Silly Saturday - so here is my take for that particular challenge.  Many thanks to Admirer for hosting this challenge week by week and to everyone for joining in.  

After torrential rain during the late afternoon and evening yesterday, I wasn’t at all surprised to find three ducks sitting in our bird bath - guess they had had enough of the lake nearby, so decided that our garden might be as good a place as any to have a rest.

Everything is sodden, but that’s a good thing because the light sprinkling of rain earlier in the week didn’t do that much good.  Now all the plants have had a good watering, they should start growing well.  

I didn’t see too many slugs amongst the flowers when I was out there - and yes, having just had a shower, and to stay with the theme of Silly Saturday, I was out there in my pink robe and pink flip flops - and if you don’t believe me, have a look at the extra photograph - I think those flip-flops are even pinker than my old, holey slippers!

Off to Jack’s soon for coffee - wonder how many friends will be up there today?  Have a great weekend, folks.

“Humor is a spontaneous, 
     wonderful bit of an outburst 
          that just comes; 
               it's unbridled, 
                    its unplanned, (sometimes)
                         and it's full of suprises.” 
Erma Bombeck

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