Peninsula Light

By PeninsulaLight

Finn, on a Black Isle beach, East of Rosemarkie (intentional overexposure).

A lovely walk with SH and Finn, from Hillockhead to Rosemarkie and, of course, the beach café, for tea and cake. Or rather, cake and more tea. On any adventures with SH, it's mandatory to bring a flask of tea. If you're lucky, you may even be allowed a small taste of your flask of tea. Another requirement is to stop at any beaches with sunshine, to give her some snooze time. Actually, perhaps should be, any location that's sunny... and sometimes just, any chosen location.

Extra - a montage with an Acorn; Hazelnuts - they're always very small ones hereabouts, but the Squirrels don't complain; Finn with, as usual, a ridiculously large "stick"; snoozing time - do not disturb, except for cups of tea; a bit of beach; and a Silver Y Moth, buzzing about some of the blooms by the beach café, like a hummingbird (it wasn't the rarer Hummingbird Hawk-moth).

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