By beeeze

Breathing space

I once told a friend to shoot me if I posted a sunset. But it would appear that this is all I have today.

I drive up here for a 10 minute breather when I can, I've blipped the wind turbines before. As you can see it was getting dark an hour ago, although the weather was coming in too so it looks darker than it normally would be at 7ish.

I shot some in RAW but have no idea what to do with them and Elements didn't like them anyway. There's so much to learn with this photography lark and it never fails to make me feel stupid at times. To make matters worse I've been looking at camera porn again too. The step up to a DSLR and a decent sized sensor is becoming more and more attractive (and less and less possible to ignore). If I knew what I was doing I'm sure eBay would be a good place to look.

There's a small blog update for those who follow. Unfortunately the jolly mood didn't last all day.

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