Spout Hills

If you cross the main road from the far end of the High Street in Holt you get to a small footpath which opens out into 14 acres of common land called Spout Hills which is managed by the council and volunteers (yes I will look in to volunteering). G and I took a look up there today and we were very impressed. There's a fresh water spring leading to a pond and a small stream. The spring, which led to the area's name, used to provide fresh water for the residents of Holt, which is a key reason why the town grew up in this location. The low area is kept as wet meadow, then we walked up the slope and found a nearly hidden path and some steps - I looked it up after I got home and turning right would have followed the old railway line and footpaths to the nearest village of Letheringsett, a walk for another day. The blackberries were beginning to turn, and those in the sun had a few to try which were lovely and sweet. We saw lots of butterflies including a Peacock, Red Admiral, lots of Gatekeepers and Meadow Browns and we also saw what I think was a stoat or weasel running across the grass path. Then leaving the area we crossed the A148 and found another footpath which led to houses we'd not seen before, and a path back to the high street. A lovely walk, which I bet a lot of people in Holt don't even know about. 

I did some weeding in the garden this afternoon and spotted 4 froglets - how did they get there???

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