Raspberry Picking

"If we want raspberry jam", I said, "we'll have to go and pick some", so we took the Flumlet to Craigies Farm, always a favourite destination, and he helped us pick 6.810kg of them - quite a large haul for two-and-a-half people, don't you think! He then had a look around the animals, lunch and a play outside followed by watching lots of planes at the airport, and at home we went searching for snails again.

Of this bootful of fruit, we have left a modest bowlful for him and B&S to have for their tea, ate some ourselves for tea, I have about 650g on trays in the freezer and the same to put in (and if the rest  haven't lost their shape tomorrow I'll put another lot in). This leaves approximately 5kg for other purposes - including jam.

I'm thinking I'll be busy tomorrow.

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