Hey what's this a short back and sides !

Dave's asked me to say a few words as he's still in shock .
I was told that I was just having a trim as it was my first time.
Pascal the groomer was very nice and gentle with me as she's been grooming for 30 years and has 6 dogs of her own.
Anyway to cut to the chase after 2 hours I'd been scalped yes scalped but I must admit it feels good and I can definitely run faster and smell pretty good too.
I hope it grows back as I'd like to have it a little longer for my boyfriends downtown a girls got to look good.
I'm off now for a run round the garden as Dave and MrsD are having their haircut this morning and good luck to them.
Woof for now thanks for dropping in its appreciated and I hope you have a nice day.

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