Aloe Vera

I brought my plants over with me from Holland when I moved. Sentimental value, I guess. I love my plants, as you've probably gathered if you've been following me for a while. I took this photo with my new camera that Andy bought me. I'm pretty pleased with it and am enjoying playing around with it. I think that a lot more of my photos will be taken with my new camera. The only down side with the type of camera I now have is that it doesn't have Bluetooth or Wi-Fi so I can't move it to my iPhone to post from the app. I have to publish it from my laptop... so it means either back blipping or using my laptop every day. We'll need to see how much time I get to post photos once I get a job (which I'm hoping to have gotten at some point next week).

We walked to church (Crawley Community Church CCC) and then went to a BBQ afterwards to spend some time with the other youth leaders. We had a lot of fun and ended up getting a lift home afterwards.

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