Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Back to school

This morning H and I had a PERFECT row -(edit, due to some confusion :-) haha :this is not like the "perfect storm"! It's in our 2 person rowing shell/boat with oars!)-perfect temperature, perfect water like butter to slice through, no boats in the cut either way. Wow, doesn't happen all that often and I totally loved it..

Today was the first day of classes at the University of Washington. We decided to try out "oceanography 101" as "access" students. Anyone over 60 years old can audit undergrad classes for a very minimal fee if there is room in the class and the instructor is willing. We've taken lots of art history and NW coast history and H has been to all the Canadian history classes but last year we didn't connect with any and missed it. What a great resource - walkable from our house. Well, this class is being taught by a very young, attractive, VERY enthusiastic self described "nerd" who got her doctorate studying copepods and identifying their DNA so as to link them to the geology of the planet. (I might be able to describe this better, later :-) ) We won't make half the classes with our schedules but that's the beauty - no assignments to hand in, no tests- and we'll learn something using our own waters as examples and according to her, how to help save the planet. whew.

Then a trip to Apple to fix some glitches in my iPhone which I reset last week. NOT a soothing place to spend time.

And then off to enjoy a very fine dinner with friends (blipper) Mikeday and hubby at a good local restaurant celebrating all of our Sept/Oct birthdays. Yum, and time to talk. Busy, satisfying day...

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