Brothers, Sisters - Family

One little family of cygnets - there are six, enjoying being together, mum and dad are not far away pulling up weeds for these wee ones to nibble on.

The sky was alight this morning, filled with strong pinks throughout. I took some shots from my front door and wished I'd had a good nights sleep and had made it to the beach for the sunrise, but it wasn't to be. My shots are okay but the little cygnets won my heart for today's blip.

Gardening day for Hubby and I, working under the shade of our trees, quite pleasant, will be pleased when its all in order again.

News from Daughter A, shes feeling much better and I'm so relieved - always hard when they're no longer at home. Daughter E is coming for tea tonight, shes requested Pasta and Meat Sauce with salad and warm rolls, will be lovely to see her :)

I've actually caught up with backblips and I'm thrilled.

Holiday blips start here

Last weeks blips start here

Thanks so much for your support, hearts and stars and kind words - I've enjoyed sharing this time with you, and now I look forward to getting back into commenting and seeing what everyone has been up to :)

Todays been an awesome warm spring day, sitting around 20C as I type.

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