My Sanity Medication

It's been a while since I posted a photo of my journal. I've been struggling finding material to write about since I got back from NewDay. It's been hard. I've wanted to write more but haven't gotten further than a two or three long entries and a handful of really short entries. I want to write more but it's been hard to write more than stuff like this: we still don't have jobs. Andy and I walked into Crawley so that I could go to another café to hand in my CV. I still haven't heard from any of the other places where I've given my CV in. The job agency hasn't contacted us either. I guess we got to wait until Tuesday*. We did go into Crawley to another café.

It's hard. It's painful. It's needed. It might be that I'll have to force myself to write longer entries for the next few weeks, so that I can maintain a healthy mind. Fingers crossed I find things to write about to declutter my brain.

*Monday's a British bank holiday so the banks are closed as are the a number of shops.

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