By Topsyturvy


Managed to book the only seat on the plane with no window so no gorgeous views from either flight! Anyway, a pretty prop pattern before take off.
Journey fine, noise in the little plane very buzzy but thankfully only 30 mins. Arrived back in Shropshire home 8 hrs after leaving S Ron which is incredible. LH collected us from Birmingham - immediate pong of fumes and joyous motorway drive back with variable speed limits. Orkney, I miss you already.
Issues here with more shoddy work from when the barn was converted 14 yrs back, so currently a (very) poor water supply and the prospect of digging for the water pipe for it to be replaced. And (of course) it's nicely inaccessible so it'll be us digging it out by hand grrrr. And news that the bathroom replacement may well take longer than planned so our return to Orkney may well be delayed.
We really just want a calm, uneventful life!!
Reunited with Poppydog who is shadowing me - love my beastie! (Extra!)

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