The life of Lyndsey

By LyndseyJ

A welcome email

Some of the other PhD students and I took advantage of a funding call last month to see if we could develop a research methods programme (series of workshops/lectures on a day to introduce a workshop series to follow) for our PhD students. This is a major gap in our school and something yet to be addressed. There are only a small number of research students who are research methods and statistics trained mainly due to the entry requirement for their PhD programme funding.

So here it is... the students who want to see improvements in this area have got their heads together and formed a plan. Stage 1 of the plan to get funding was deemed successful today. The rest of the planning will follow!

In other news, I was in the office this morning and got though all of my teaching preparation done ready for a meeting tomorrow and teaching to start soon.

I did not make it the full day in the office, and did fall asleep at 4.30pm on the sofa before I made tea but I think that is either exhaustion or my illness is just a virus caching up on me again!

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