No Monsters!

Eid today so another kind of a holiday but the workers went off to work at 11. I'd got up late, after 8, and did 36.5 lengths. Took me ages, 40 minutes? Day 1 of the 50:50 Challenge for Crisis' 50th. Later I did 6 rounds of the pool on foot with buggy to complete the mile.

It was busy looking after 2 of them. We made cookies but the oven conspired against me, again. It was hot and sunny in the afternoon and we were going to go swimming but there was a hummungous storm so we didn't.

Then to Cheras for a meal in the Moon Palace Chinese restaurant with WH's aunts and back to their's for rojak. Not my favourite but at least it increased my fruit and veg intake. We didn't get home till after 10. Both kids were still awake.

Read on the balcony with a beer for a bit. 25 deg.

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