Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Like two bees in a pod...

Or on a butterfly bush, which is almost like a pod.  

It rained hard last night and this morning, but I zipped out between showers and found these two Eastern Carpenter bees (male on the left, female on the right) hunkered down on the buddleia, covered in rain drops and not moving.  Not to worry, they are both fine and were able to take off later when the sun came out.  But for a little bit of time this morning, they were completely at the mercy of my macro lens.  And since I've never been able to photograph both sexes together like this, it had to be done.  

We had a great talk with my parents this morning. They are in Oregon where the temperatures continue to set records for heat; and the wild fires are making the air pretty awful to breath.  All of which is leading them to leave a bit earlier than usual, heading south.  I expect they'll be on the road in the next week, knowing them.  My mom, having lost 1/3 of one lung to lung cancer 20 years ago, doesn't need to be breathing smoky air.

MIL is over now, enjoying time with her daughter, her son, her dog (and me, of course).   Hubs is making veggie lasagna and SIL made a delicious smelling 3-bean salad.  I've done absolutely nothing!

Thank you so very much for the kind words yesterday and all the anniversary wishes.  Hubs and I had a delicious meal last night and reminisced about our wedding.

Two more butterflies released today, both having emerged too late to go yesterday.  For Gracie and Alma.  Two more emerged today, both females and they'll be released tomorrow as they aren't quite ready yet.  The monarch "infant" nursery now has 13 (or maybe 14) tiny first instar cats.  I still have 30-40 butterflies to be released that I'd love to send off in memory of someone who's left this world, so please drop me a note if you want me to remember someone special.

Cheers, people.

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