Lamp and Paperweights

This lamp sits on one of my speakers in the living room. I made the shade many years ago. The paperweights we collected because we love the beauty of glass. I made two of them and Arvin made one the year of his 80th birthday. Nine of us spent a day at a glass studio making them. It was our Christmas present to the family.

But I digress. This morning I met Dave and Nora at the old house so Dave could pick up a display cabinet and printer that didn't fit in my house. We all went out for breakfast before they took off.

I spent the rest of the day working at my new house. I got my computer set up. Still no internet though.

One happy note. Late in the day I looked out on my little back garden and there was a little Anna's hummingbird male sampling the flowers I had brought from the old house deck. He also went for the trumpet vine and roses. I was so delighted to see him here. Now I am sure I will put up the hummer feeders when I get a chance.

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