Canadian adventure

Today Christie took us around her home town of Edmonton. We went on the tram over the ridge to the other side of Edmonton -and back. We then really only had time to go to the east Edmonton mall. The collage , believe it or ot, is of the inside of the mall. There is a crazy golf course, swimming pool and beach, sea life centre, sea lion show, pirate ship, mini pirate cove for remote control boats, fun fair, shooting range and of course two food courts and restaurant street and the obligatory stores. It is an amazing place. Leisure combined with shopping all in one place. Weekdays it is open 9am  -9 pm and Sundays 9am -5:30 pm. All the major stores are there including somewe have in the UK like Lush,Apple, etc. They even had a Microsoft store which we have never seen before (trying to muscle in on the success of Apple I think)

Just got the blip in on time so off to bed

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