By Topsyturvy


A pause in the associated big brand coffee shop at Sainsbury after the usual unloved chore of supermarket shopping which I put off until it gets critical. I do long down here for the convenience of the small local shops we have in Orkney; OK, less choice but easy peasy to nip out to. So, some seat backs caught my eye ...
Heavy chopping down this afternoon of a large Garrya elliptica which I find rather a depressing plant (extra below). It had outgrown its space and had to go! I got into pruning mode so haircuts for some Buddleia (possibly a bit early), Cistus, Hebe and whatever else caught my eye. Only restrained by lack of green bin space and the thought of 15 miles to the nearest tip twice in one day.
Tonight's downtime was the first rehearsal this term for choir. Brahms' German Requiem, one of my favourites. The other extra blip is interesting roofline at our rehearsal venue.
Happy Autumn everyone! It's really here!

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