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By Damnonii

Lola's Big Day Out...

Lola plays with lots of toys throughout the day.  One of her favourites is a cute furry monkey but at the end of the day, when the yawning begins and her eyes get droopy, there's only one furry friend she wants.  Her Goldie.  To watch her seek Goldie out and get comfy with her makes my heart melt.

The main event today was Lola's first trip to the vet.  She's too big to fit into the soft puppy crate we brought her home in so David put her proper crate in the car.  She was a bit whiny and barky at the start of the journey but I just kept reassuring her and she settled down.  

When we arrived at the Vet's everyone was fussing over her and she loved it.  She is such a coy little thing when she wants to be.   I think she enjoyed being out and about as did we, even though she had to be carried.  Really looking forward to being able to get out and about properly.

The Vet called us into her room along with a vet student.  They were both lovely.  Lola was perfectly behaved and charmed them both.  The vet gave her a full check over and announced she is doing brilliantly.  Thriving.  

Conversation then moved to her diet.  I explained her breeder had weaned her onto a raw diet and we were continuing with that.  Well all I can say is I am glad I have done my research as she went to great pains to tell us how they do NOT recommend a raw diet.  We asked what she would recommend and took a note of that.  We have no intention of changing Lola's diet but think it's important we understand what we are saying no to and research that as much as we have a raw diet.  

Then the conversation moved to vaccination.  I said I definitely did not want Lola to have the Lepto 4 vaccination as I believe the risk of a bad reaction to the vaccination is greater than the risk of Lepto.  Again she gave her view of that - she didn't agree -  but did say two dogs in the practice had had a bad reaction but it couldn't be definitely blamed on the Lepto 4 (okaaaay.)  In one practice, that's a huge percentage as far as I'm concerned.  We chatted further but she couldn't offer anything that would persuade me otherwise, especially as the information she gave was in direct contradiction of the view of Lola's breeder's vet.  

So we are back in two weeks for her final injection (when I will have the pleasure of telling the vet she's not having the Kennel Cough vacc either!)  and a week after that we will be free to get out and about.

Lola was a star in the car coming home.  Sat for a minute or two then cuddled Goldie and fell asleep.

When we got home I looked up the food the Vet recommended and discovered it is rated very low and basically is the McDonalds of the dog world.  Processed, fast food for dogs.  No thanks.

It's not surprising that the average life expectancy of Golden Retrievers has gone from age 16 in the 70s to 9/10 today and cancer, arthritis, skin conditions, gastrointestinal issues are so prevalent.   

So we will carry on as we are for the time being, doing our own research, speaking to other dog owners and benefitting from their experiences, good and bad and hopefully Lola will have a long and healthy life.

NB She recommended Royal Canin as it offers "breed specific balanced nutrition."

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