Last morning...

We were very lucky with this little cabin, usually you have to check out at 11 am...but there was no one coming in after us so the owner said we could stay as long as wanted to!   So after breakfast, and a bit more reading of my book.....all about Claude Monet and his intriguing....i thought i'd do a bit of painting.    This is the view of inside our little sweet.  I could so imagine having something like this on Big Hill, just for me to retreat to and do some painting!  it wasn't winterized so only a summer and fall place really...but it would suit me so well...oh well i'll keep dreaming!

Then on to Advocate Harbor and the Wild Caraway Inn.   We had been recommended this place...and it didn't disappoint.   The weather turned very nasty this morning...we'd had sunshine all the time we were away, but this morning it poured!!!   the views were impossible to see due to rain and mist...but we had a fabulous lunch and then on our way home it brightened up and the rest of the drive home was just Fine.

We stopped off at the Dutchman Cheese farm...bought some fabulous Dragon's breath cheese - a favorite and only available at the market in Halifax, so i was excited to find the actual source on our route!!!

after 5 hours of driving we are finally home!!!   off to bed soon!

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