Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

... Mimsy Montage

So shoot me! I was really going to blip something else today, maybe a Big Butted Bee or even an Italian Goldfinch or maybe a Luscious gray catbird...

But as I was sitting on the deck enjoying a bit of late afternoon sun, I found myself the center of chippie attention - Little Mortie and one of his littermates came toddling around, then Mitsy showed up and gave 'em "what for." As I was watching Mitsy daintily (okay, maybe "daintily" isn't accurate) shell her peanuts and jam them in her pouches, Mimsy showed up! Yes, the somewhat reclusive (of late) Mimsy - my secret favorite of all the chippies and the first to take a peanut from my hand! A tussle ensued accompanied by little chippie shrieks. Mim came running over and grabbed a peanut from me, immediately followed by a glowering Mitsy. Hm, Deb... glowering... really?

One thing led to another and I followed Mim out to her home in the front yard in the rock wall. She would pop her head out of a crevice, then disappear and pop her head out someplace else - a bit of a game with me as the idiot snapping my head around trying to spot her. I had BD, of course, so I stood back and fired off a bunch of shots. Then, I couldn't pick just one ... so you have my third ever collage. Hope you like it! If you look large you'll be able to see the chink in Mim's right ear which is how I know her. That and the fact that she still jams whole peanuts in her pouches.

I love you all for being such chipmunk fans and I promise not to become a one-trick-pony with the chippie shots. In fact, I feel a bird coming on tomorrow ... wait for it...

Cheers and just think - tomorrow is Friday!!

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