By Dancersend

Tour of Britain

Not my normal sort of shot really. On my way to the nature reserve this morning the Buckinghamshire country lanes were lined with people and flags. I didn't think they were waiting to cheer me on. Then I twigged - the Tour of Britain Day 7 was heading my way on the leg from Hemel Hempstead to Oxford. Any minute I was likely to be held up for some time. I decided to take a parallel lane, park up and find somewhere where I could take a few photos. I found a good spot where the cyclists and their enormous entourage had to weave their way round a couple of bends between the Tring Reservoirs. As soon as I positioned myself an endless line of police motorbikes shot past, followed by cars carrying officials...then, suddenly, the peloton shot round the corner and within a few seconds were gone. Not much of a spectator sport! Still, I hope they all enjoyed their ride through Buckinghamshire.

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