Checking it out

There was an open evening at the local secondary school where we hope Leo will go next year. I have already applied there for him so fingers crossed that he gets in.

It is a nice short walk away and is a good school, not too big either, so would be ideal for him.

The downside for Leo was that he found out that shorts are not part of the school uniform - he lives in them at the moment! His favourite parts of the evening were the refreshments - especially the biscuits, and scoring some goals out on the Astro turf against the older lads.

I hadn't realised but the school is linked via playing fields to the local leisure centre and the school gets to use all those facilities during the day - so they have full on sporting facilities on tap.

We spotted most of Cully Rangers whilst we were there. They are all scattered across various local primary schools at the moment so if they all go to the same secondary school they will have a ready made footie team!

I will be glad to see the weekend as it has been a busy old week at work. I need to get a few things prepped for next week that I have been trying and failing to get to all week. Am hoping for a productive day tomorrow so I can relax over the weekend. I'll fuel myself with caffeine first thing and attempt to plough through it all.

Saturday will be a footie filled day. First match of the season for Cully Rangers in the morning and a home game for the Grecians in the afternoon. Time for me to do a sundance - but also dig out the wellies, just in case!

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