By SilverLady

Nature Diary ... On The Moor #6

After than a less than spectacular summer September arrived in that glorious way known as an Indian summer. The roads were jammed with holiday makers after the August Bank Holiday in England, which falls on the last Monday in August and creates a mad panic to escape for the last long weekend before the Christmas holidays and often spills over for the rest of the week as it did this week. Braving the traffic though, and knowing the very narrow single track back roads away from the holidaying hoards, I set off for the peace of the moor and I was not disappointed.
The colours were spectacular, the peace all encompassing and I was serenaded by wonderful mellifluous birdsong. Since my first visit this year in January  nature had burst forth in abundance and the little paths familiar to me were hidden under bracken 3 feet high, but the animals roaming on the moor had created pathways which I could follow easily and safely. I was lost in a world of wonder as I strolled around familiar areas, serenaded by birdsong and surrounded by the glow of the late afternoon sun, bathing the countryside in stunningly beautiful colours. Adding to the other-worldly feel was the strangeness of not a single other person in sight, no bird watchers, dog walkers, picnickers, strollers, joggers, no-one but me. I wondered if this could be described as 'Heaven on Earth'...
Back to 'reality' I eventually made my way home over tarmacked roads, passing bumper-to-bumper tourists making their way home away from the seaside, and so going in the opposite direction to me. I guess they'd been crowded on the beach, joined long queues for ice cream or fish and chips, and were heading home hoping the traffic would be far less than they feared it might be. Such is human nature, as here am I living beside the sea and escaping in peak holiday time to the peace and serenity of the 'uncivilised' moorland, and there are others hoping for a break from the routine of their lives by travelling to the seaside. I guess it takes all sorts...

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