FF 15.........

..... on my morning walk today I saw these beautiful everlastings, also known as paper daisies. So pretty. Only a phone pic but that's all I had with me :)
Then to the pool before heading south. My 10,000 steps was done and dusted by 9:00am today - yay
When we arrived here at "the other house", the Diver went to turn the water pump on and - nothing, nada, zilch! No water! All our water is rainwater collected and stored in a massive tank, 150,000 litres, but without a pump......
Anyway, typical in the bush, called the guy, he had a bloke here in 10 minutes, replacement pump as he couldn't see the problem, AND it was 4:45 Friday, AND he had a beer waiting at the pub. You would NEVER get that service in Perth!! Awesome :))

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