Mollie brought all her bags and boxes downstairs, so that we can see whether it will all fit in the car! As you can see, a variety of bags and boxes. Tomorrow evening, we will know.

After a particularly busy day at work, due to many many many phone calls, following the issuing of annual benefit statements to members, I got out at 4.20.

After a quick dinner, we went to Morrisons for food shopping. I didn't need much, but we bought lots to get Mollie started. So on top of this pile, there is fridge stuff! Sunday is the day.

I'll finish with a poem. I started it a while back, then forgot about it. So it's sort of finished, or I could go's called 'Riches'..

How simply perfect is walking on a pebbled falling tide?
In shoes that will get wet, and it's ok.
With the spray, the sunset, the braking of waves for company.
How rewarding the emptiness, the thinking time, the freedom.
As summer drifts away, and autumn feels it's way in
The waves still crumple loosely on that pebbly beach,
And our enjoyment of them does not falter.
The sun sets, still as full, as out of reach,
And the crashing silence, still as perfect.
And how I love every season,
just as much as the last.
BG 15/9/17

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