Everything went well till we arrived at Manchester airport and remembered the sat-nav.
And the map.
Which were both at home. 

It took a bit longer in the rain and dark, struggling with a crazy Google app that thought the best way to Blackburn was first through Manchester city centre (!) and then via Leeds. Good job I know the area.

Anyhow, we arrived, all in one piece, brother greeted us, dog went crazy (how lovely) and we were too tired to eat the soup sister in law had made for us. And too tired to blip as well. But very happy to be here!

We have a lot of jobs lined up, and a lot of family gatherings so I think commenting will be sparce for a while. I'll drop in when duties allow! Sunny day today, off to Accrington to review the situation in the the house, before the assessors/valuers come tomorrow.

The main picture is the travellers' fare that we had with us, our own garden peas! The extra is the obligatory shot of the magic of clouds covering the land, when you are flying up above them in the sun.

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