An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Remembering Broadslap...


Last minute prep for David going away before piling Lola and her crate into the car to head to the vets for her 2nd vaccination.

Saw a different vet this time but found her rather unfriendly and felt we were just a number.  Still not impressed Lola's being raw fed and warned us about the dangers overfeeding on raw.  Lola is still thriving and well within her weight range for her age so not concerned about that.

Lola was a wee star so she got a new toy to play with on the way home.  Just another week till FREEDOM!  :D 

Home to give Alan dinner but he has a cold so wasn't in the mood for it (typical David's going away and Alan's under the weather.  Happens every time!) 

Ele and Kenny arrived at 8pm.  They'd stopped and picked up a takeaway for our dinner.  As David and Kenny had to be up at 3.00am for their flight to Portugal they headed to their beds early.  

Ele and I had a cuppa and watched tv before coaxing Lola into her crate.  She barked for about 10 minutes then all was quiet.  Phew!

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