Not washed out after all!

This is Lynn posing and the two Gs and Keith wandering up the sheep hill.

There were wetter bits than this, little swimming pools really and a challenge for the two of us in trainers - even though they were walking trainers. All went well, we arrived back at Lynn's with dry feet and were rewarded with a marvellous lunch spread - including two different desserts to go with yet another coffee. And some more conversation, of course.

Even when the rain was torrential most of the way on the drive we were glad to be meeting up, and the sun was out by the time we left the village. We had driven up on the motorway, and we took the long way home via Kirkby Lonsdale, and felt compelled to buy a book on Tai Chi in the Save the Children charity shop.

A blip meet is a thing of delight. And a very welcome change from the rigours of clearing houses.

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