The life of Lyndsey

By LyndseyJ

Handy books in a very busy day

It feels like I've not been on holiday! I have been very busy since walking in the office at 8am. I have...

Printed teaching materials;
Taught for 2 hours;
Answered emails;
Printed meeting materials;
Prepared for the above meeting;
Sent a lot of email to chase up various things;
Saved my final three interview transcripts;
Panicked as I can now start analysing data;
Processed my PhD letter;
Showed such letter to a member of staff who was shocked and proceeded to just look at it in shock;
Took a book back to the library as it had been requested;
Got the book back as the request had been cancelled;
Updated ethics forms;
Organised a meeting for tomorrow;
Organised a meeting with a new temporary member of my PhD team (via Skype);
Had 5 mins lie down in Core 44 as my stomach hurt;
Came back to my desk;
Read a little in some books (blipped);
Wrote a very small amount of my net methods chapter;
Nearly cried when I realised I have not written even half of my methods chapter;
Got home;
Made tea;
Prepared tomorrow's lunch;
Had a bath;
Now sitting on sofa with a cup of tea!

Good heavens!

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