The life of Lyndsey

By LyndseyJ

Black and white

Today has been very long! I was in the office very early and I did not finish working until 9pm. My eyes feel like they are falling out!

When I got to the office, it was problem after problem. I'm unable to access some of the systems I need for work and my public research profile on our website has been deleted due to a HR mistake so this now needs to be sorted by IT. This again means more waiting and chasing more people up when I do not get a reply, great! This has frustrated me a lot, and this was coupled with problems with a contract for a project I am working on so at one point early afternoon I was so angry and frustrated that I needed to get out of my office and take a break. I'm feeling unappreciated and a bit undervalued today.

For rest of the day (in between fighting all of the above) I have been working on a journal article, partly on my own to do some extra research, and partly with hazelh to add in the research to the article. It's a very tiring process and I don't know how hazelh does it!

My blip is another one from our wedding pre-shoot by Rosie so she takes credit for today as my only photo (of my cup of tea) did not make the cut!

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