for Red Wine..............even although it is a cabbage. You can tell the way my mind is working !!!! I took this picture this am while the sun was shining on this gift that was chosen by Bethany, my niece. They are very pretty like roses but do not smell of a perfume!!

Today more working up at the other plot although AFSIL chose the plants. I was all set for doing it in one day but as the soil was very badly clay I had to dig it out and the job will not be finished until tomorrow and even then we might be struggling. 

Other Granny came back from India so its a full house round at theirs. Mrs Mummy did baking and swimming with the 2 worthies and Daddy did a lot more Yard work which was very messy and J jumped in all the muddy puddles just like Peppa pig and family. Looking forward to seeing the other family next weekend if not before. They are working hard. I think things were hard in our day.....cant remember but nowadays its harder for families I think.

Hope weather is good for tomorrow as stuff to be done. Must check.
Today was nice............sun and not much rain......all we can expect in this land.

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