Woburn Abbey

Its with a heavy heart that I write to say that this is the closest we got to Woburn Abbey. We'd gone to see the stately home that had once been an abbey (which was dissolved during the reign of Henry VII), but the prices had gone up since Andy's dad was least here at least thirty years ago, and he didn't want to pay the new prices. So we followed the foot paths around the ground a bit and went to the car. From there we went to dinner and then I got dropped at my AirBnB. That was a highlight for me. I've had only good experiences with my AirBnB hosts and am so glad that I had that to go to.
We drove to Woburn Abbey from the cabins we'd been staying in, on the outskirts of York... the first three extras for some of the view from the cabin we were in Keldy and the rest were at Woburn Abbey Park.

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