One of those days

A schoolboy error to start the day, a result of getting up too early to watch the F1 from Malaysia. It's such a ridiculously flawed and contrived sport that I don't really understand why I often find myself watching it. I guess, despite itself, it's compelling because these are the best drivers in the world and there's the history of it being the pinnacle of motor racing. I keep coming up with great ideas to make it better, but my sons ridicule them! 

A fine result for us Hamilton boys, but that was as good as the day got. Fearing the worst, I cleared space for Shenny in my room, so that she could work in peace while the Leeds game was on at lunchtime. There is nothing better than watching football with Roam when Leeds are winning. There is nothing worse, by a country mile, than being around him when they are losing. The poor lad was distraught at their 3-0 defeat, made all the worse for the club teasing us with a top of the table position just a week ago. He should have kept wearing his hoodie the wrong way around. It's all my fault. I took him to his first game when he was six. 

Mind you, it could be worse. I might have passed on an allegiance to my own boyhood football club. Some of you might have guessed ... Crystal Palace. The worst ever start to a season in English football. It's just as well I've never really got the whole passionate supporter thing. I almost want them to carry on their goalless run because I love unbeatable records so much! It's the art of spinning a thing in a positive way. I need to teach this to Roam!

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