The wind continues

This dead part of a gumtree sailed over from the neighbours' place at one stage. It's not a very exciting photo – I could have done something a whole lot more creative with the broken wine glass that the wind blew off the table on the deck last night, but by the time I'd thought of it, it was already wrapped in newspaper in the bin.
Anyway, I've saved a couple of seedcases from this limb, which may be blipped another time; a day with less dashing around in it, perhaps. Not that I did much dashing – that was mainly others. I just went to town and posted a parcel to Immy, bought some silicone egg poaching thingies and the ingredients for dinner. Christina took Gran to buy a gigantic universal TV remote the size of an iPad (apparently); Nicky spent a long time polishing the boat with Pledge – as far as I can tell – and tidying up the shed. At some time after five, he went to say goodbye to Gran, as he's leaving again tomorrow.  He'd planned to go yacht racing this evening, but didn't.
Jonathan did. Just as we were about to sit down to dinner, he arrived to say goodbye to Nicky, and then went on his merry way to see Gran.  We finished the evening with Nicky briefing me on a writing job he wants me to do, and Christina taking Ryan to A&E because a cut on his hand has become infected to the extent that he had a livid red line running up his arm. I didn’t like the look of it – apparently he got to jump the queue because the triage nurses didn’t like the look of it either. He's back now, with some antibiotics.

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