Early hosting of visiting delegation from Copenhagen then a quiet day in the office after some things got cancelled. V was however quite the whirling dervish on her last day before holiday
In the evening was getting ready to go out when police came to the door to ask about 'an incident' in the early hours of Sunday morning. They didn't say what it was (which of course means my imagination was let loose!) but even after I said I wasn't here last weekend they still wanted to take a lot of my details....including, bizarrely, my height! After they left I wished I'd asked when my data would be deleted....but it had been so surreal I didn't think to say that while they were here.
Anyway once they'd gone I headed down to the museum for a dinner. I seem to have had a smeary lens when I took this first picture but quite like the dreamy feel it gives....the place had certainly been transformed!
Another late night mind you-it's been a busy week!

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