Here at Last

Our flight to Majorca was supposed to leave Edinburgh at 20:55 last night.  In fact it took off around 3am this morning after a 6 hour delay.  Easyjet were keen to point out this was caused by a French air traffic control strike, but failed to point out that these are pretty regular, and that our flight was not directly affected.  There were many other Easyjet A320s sitting unused at Edinburgh for the entire time we were there - they simply chose not to use them, or bring in an extra crew, to keep us on schedule.

We expected to arrive at our hotel in the wee small hours - instead we got here at 8am.  MrsCyclops hadn't slept at all.  CyclopsJnr had a few hours napping at the airport and on the plane, and Cyclops managed a couple of hours nap on the plane.  We were all shattered.  CyclopsJnr had a few fractious periods, but for a 3 1/2 year old operating on no sleep and stuck in a boring airport he was amazingly good.

We managed to sleep for a few hours when we got here, then started enjoying ourselves.

Some exploring, a wee snack, a dip in the pool, lunch, more exploring, sandcastles and swimming in the sea, dinner...  We've had a thoroughly lovely day together.  It seems it takes more than a delayed flight to spoil our holidays!  Oh, and the hotel and little town we are staying in are lovely.

Off for an early night to fully recharge the batteries!

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