Local hard working entrepreneur. He delivers water and wood to this place as well as many other houses in the area. He is of natural Portuguese stock and is aged 69 so ages with us roughly. Today he delivered a truck full of wood enough to do them for 2 or 3 winters when they come here. We all helped to load it in to the shed. Mostly wood is used as fuel for heating in the winter.

We had a relaxing day today which is not normal for us but it was good for us. As the wood was to be delivered about 5pm we had left it a bit too tight to go out for the afternoon so nobody was against just staying home and relaxing with a local walk.

We went out to Baira Serra not too far away for an evening meal which was delicious with most of us having the speciality of kebabs of meat and prawns with chips. The quality was excellent and so was the local red wine. The local white wine is not to be recommended but you can choose others.

From yesterday’s blip I forgot to mention that we saw a vehicle reversing down a 45 degree slope having been unable to steer the car to the top of the hill. It was guessed that one of their many dogs had gone missing from the morning shoot of the javali ( wild boar) and they were looking for him.

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