The life of Lyndsey

By LyndseyJ

Glasgow visit

I woke up feeling yucky again but decided not to cancel my plans as I had nothing major scheduled in.

My only activity was to visit my sister in Glasgow. She moved there officially last weekend to Chris and I popped over for a 'quick' cuppa and left four hours later. We did manage to for a light lunch whilst we were there and I blip a picture on the wall of the eatery as it specialised in beef related products! I got something light as to not overload my stomach with food or flavour.

I also blip some apparently delicious wine that we bought my sister and partner as a welcome to Glasgow gift. Most people I know think it's awful so we decided to buy Laura some so she could decide for herself!

It was a relaxing evening at home, with a cup of tea, some pineapple and a Magnum and then bed. I could not stomach much more food as I (once again!) came over all nauseous and sickly again.

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