Stuff and Nonsense

By Diane2104

EB Games, games, games!

On the advice of the weatherman I have not been out all day. The leftovers from Hurricane Ophelia have been blowing quite strongly this afternoon especially.
I've spent most of the evening working and ironing whilst my husband has been out at the games club.
His games have taken over the spare room - 5 Pax wardrobes, 2 Billy bookcases and 2 shelves are bursting at the seams. See what I have to put up with!!! This is an emergency blip taken at 11:45pm after I'd fallen asleep on the sofa waiting for hubby. I normally go to bed but needed to relay the bad news about the shower door being broken before leaving for Sweden again tomorrow.

Anyway, time for bed and back to the iPhone blips this week. I wonder what I can find in Malmö this week.

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