The life of Lyndsey

By LyndseyJ

Salad for lunch

Today has been a bad one. I felt awful most of yesterday and this carried on throughout the night and morning. I could manage very little breakfast and had very little energy to do anything, even get dressed.

I called my doctor to seek advice as this ‘virus’ appears to be taking over. She agreed that although it could be a virus, there’s also the likelihood that something else could be going on. After we discussed my suggestions (backed up by a conversion with a colleague yesterday), she has referred me to get further tests done. This begins at lunchtime Thursday when I get to go and get stabbed so my blood can be withdrawn and tested.

Work wise, productivity was almost zero. I worked on a few odds and ends... ethics, survey and non-PhD project data analysis but could not manage much else. I did not move off the sofa all day.

This evening I made a ‘one bag’ sausage casserole for tea (chop up and chuck in oven) and Christopher’s lunch for tomorrow. He has been at work for 13 hours today and is up at 4.30am tomorrow so has very little time to prepare himself something to eat. I blip his couscous salad.

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