Stairway in Heaven

I did not go to see my granddaughter today (neither my other children for that matter ;) ). I don't like to miss going to see them. I value that we can get together every week for dinner and some catchup time. But this is a busy week for Karin and me, our choir is singing the Beethoven 9th at the weekend and we have a lot of extra rehearsals to attend so life feels a bit too busy. 

But in all that busy-ness, I have taken the time to go for a hike. A short one, it was about 90 minutes of actual walking. And what a delight it was. It's hard to imagine that such a beautiful place exists right within the city. The Rouge Park is an important natural area, this being part of the less "natural" area with some well planned trails, but still it feels so far from everything. Hmm, having said that, there was a  lot of traffic noise from the nearby highway, but otherwise it was very calm and peaceful. 

Rouge Park is about 80 square kilometers in size, so quite large. There is more about it in this wiki article. I barely touched a small section today ;) (you can check the blip map feature to see just exactly where I was at this point in the hike).

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