Long-billed Dowitcher

I waited and waited for my niece to show up this morning to give me some things she wanted me to take to her son at college.......she was late... not ideal for me since I wanted to pick up my grandson by 9AM so he could get to school early enough so I could see his apartment before he had to leave for his class. Then her son was 15 minutes late to meet us in Salem to pick up his stuff. Not cool.
But my grandson and I still enjoyed the trip to Eugene......I think we talked non stop about........."stuff".......he is attempting to sort out his Dad's relationship with each of the members of the family all those years before and after The Surprising Divorce......the new issues showing up daily. He is maturing into a wonderful young man....not perfect, but loving and kind! 
After I dropped him off I went to a nearby lake because I hear there might be swans there......well, no swans, but a lot of shore birds like this Dowitcher. I also saw a bald eagle fly by and lots of geese flying around. I enjoyed the peaceful shoreline watching all the birds in the wetlands..... until I heard a large number of small birds in an old apple tree in the park area........I couldn't get any good photos but there were nuthatches, chickadees, bush tits and even a hummingbird in that tree......LOTS of them. They were loud as they flit around in that tree. I have never seen anything like that commotion  of those little birds before today. 

I was surprised at how fast the trip to Eugene felt with someone to talk to and how loooooong the trip home felt all by myself!!  I don't mind driving alone......I rather like being able to listen to what I want on the radio and stopping for a photo if and when I desire......but that drive seemed much longer than the 2 1/2 hours it actually was.

So now I am tired and I am off to bed. Good night.

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