Tom, Molly and Me !

Early start to a wet morning and light rain but I was out by 9 for the weekly shopping.
I popped into the DIY store for a piece of wood, hinges and the perspex glass for the cold frame.
Unfortunately they didn't have the size I wanted so I had to buy two pieces and I'll cut them to size myself.
My very good friend Mike arrived at 11 to help me move the stone dog Tom to his new place in the pet cemetery.
Mike came fully equipped with a set of wheels a bit of wood to place Tom on as he's very heavy and I provided the rope to pull it.
The move went better than I expected and he was soon put in his new place.
Mike took today's Blip with my iphone7 and Molly joined in not wanting to be left out.
So a big thanks to Mike for his help as I couldn't have moved it by myself.
Back to the shed later to continue work on the cold frame as the garden is still very wet.
Thanks for stopping by its appreciated and I hope you have better weather where you are.

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