When I planned four hours between arriving at Paris Gare du Nord and leaving from Montparnasse I was thinking easy metro ride to a gallery, interesting couple of hours looking at pictures, another easy metro ride, then a saunter onto a comfortable high-speed train. I wasn't thinking of backpacks, cold, rain or hunger.

We decided to go straight to Montparnasse, not knowing that it is currently a building site while it acquires its new state-of-the-art shopping centre without which no place for catching trains deserves to be called a station.

After three-and-a-half hours on a bench, with occasional forays into the rain to relieve the tedium, we got onto our comfortable train and four-and-a-half hours after that we were on the Spanish border, speaking neither French nor Spanish but English, since our welcoming airbnb hosts turned out to be Ukrainian.

The holiday begins.

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