The Hincaster Tunnel

Found this interesting bit of history while house hunting this afternoon. This is a tunnel  built through a hill to take the Lancaster Canal up to Kendal. The canal first opened in 1792 but  the most northerly stretches did not reach Kendal until 1819. This tunnel was the first major brick built civil engineering project north of the River Mersey. Think of all that  effort to dig  the tunnel for the canal  not knowing the railway would arrive  30 years later.  It is 378 yards long and 76' below the hill summit. The horses pulling the barges walked over the hill while the men literally  "legged" it through the tunnel- see extra shot from the information board from whence I gleaned this history. When the railway came  they had to build a bridge over the Horse Path  - see other extra of Mr P walking up the Horse Path. The tunnel and the  bridges accommodating the Horse Path are now scheduled ancient monuments although the canal is dry from half a mile the other side of  the tunnel  and on into Kendal.   The new housing development nearby was very smart but did not shout out - "come and live here". 

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