The life of Lyndsey

By LyndseyJ

Casserole dish!

This evening I finally made a sausage casserole in my casserole dish. I bought this two years ago and love the colour but could not imagine my whole kitchen in bright orange Le Creuset kitchenware.

Today I actually made it to the office *hurrah*. I was there just before 9 and did not leave until later on so I class this as a mini-success. Whilst at the office I finally managed to finish the first draft of my research methods chapter. This technically means I have 4 chapters of my thesis drafted but I know the first ones do need a lot of work. 

My next task is to analyse my case study data. This should be fun given that I have interviews and focus groups of my 60 participants. I'm not sure if I'm actually looking forward to this or not...

But first, I have a lecture to deliver tomorrow and then the arrival of a family member to contend with for when we travel south on Friday for my Granda's 80th birthday celebrations... and trying on my wedding dress again for its first fitting!

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