By chantler63

The Chain Gang

A frustrating walk with the dog (when will she learn to walk on the lead) to a local farm. This is a favourite haunt of mine as:
1. It's close by
2. Not really a farm, more a builder's yard with cows
3. It has lots of rusty kit, rubbish and general mess.

The photographic potential is huge even though it's been tidied up a lot. Today, apart from tractor tyre prints, muddy reflections and a sunburst through the trees, I found this chain hanging on the cowshed wall with a wonderful shadow, strong and distorted. I did have to remove some grass first to get it's full potential. A frog could well have been watching me from within the grass!

I'm off to Windsor this evening for another session of judging. I hope my comments do not upset anyone too much!

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