Tiny green tomatoes
     still clinging to the vine
          but when the first frost comes
the leaves will blacken
     and the tomatoes 
          will fall
               even if they have not ripened
                    and fulfilled their purpose - 
but to everything
     there is a season - 
          there is a time to be planted
               and a time to grow 
                    a time to harvest
then a time to prune 
     or even to cut down
          and clean out
               all the dross 
                    ready for a new season.
Our lives can be like that
     so we need to be willing
          to cut out all that blights
               damages and spoils them
so that new life
     may be born
          and grow - but
               it takes time
                    and patience. 

© Maureen Iles 7/11/17

Jesus said “I am the true Vine, 
and my Father is the Gardener. 
He lops off every branch 
that doesn’t produce. 
And he prunes those branches 
that bear fruit for even larger crops.
John 15 : 1-2  Living Bible

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