Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

...Sunflower seeds? What sunflower seeds??

Meet Scar, so named because he has a big scar on his bottom where it looks like he escaped a predator of some sort (I'm guessing cat). He is the most skittish of the chippies, but will now come up and raid the flower pots while I am sitting on the deck. This time of year, I just dump sunflower seeds on the tops of my flower pots for easy bird access. And, apparently, easy chippie access. Here you have scar with about a half cup of sunflower seeds crammed in his fat little cheeks...

After the excitement of yesterday, today was quite tame. I slept late, pottered around the yard, narrowly missed getting a shot of a new warbler, watched the finches at the Bistro and watched the young cardinal male puff himself up to a fierce size. But at the end of it all, little Scar won the day for me.

Besides, after the grace and majesty of the bald eagle yesterday, I thought I needed something silly today.

Thank you so very much for your hearts, comments and stars on my eagle - and for sending him to the Spotlight page. Yesterday the Blip Monster was very, very good to me!

Hoping you are all having a good weekend. Cheers!


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