Nothing much is blooming in the garden and the flowers I got in Morrisons a couple of weeks ago are past their best so as Remembrance Day is near I decided to blip my poppy. This is one of the poppies which was on display at The Tower of London as part of the Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red installation. I took loads of photos of it but it was really difficult to get a good shot.  It just looked flat and uninteresting.  So I have done a bit of processing.  Thanks to BikerBear for hosting the Flower Friday challenge.

Thanks to blip friend ThingsBeautiful I have now found out that they are trying to digitally reunite all the poppies on a map.  You can also upload photos of your poppy and tell the story of how you came to own one.  If you - or anyone you know owns a poppy HERE is the link to find out how to take part.

Today has been a bit of a non event.  I haven't even left the house. I did intent going to Lidl this afternoon but just before I was about to go out I remembered that Theatre Royal booking for their new season opened today. So I went online, chose the shows I wanted to see (5 of them ), chose my seats, and got through to the page where you enter your payment details.  Put them in and pressed the " PAY" button.  However a message appeared saying I had already paid.  The page was frozen so I wasn't sure what had happened.  I checked to see if I had received an e mail confirmation of the booking but nothing arrived. 

So I phoned the Theatre Royal Box office and they checked - and found that nothing was booked.  So I had to go back online, find my " basket " tell the guy on the phone the details - what shows I wanted to see and what seats I had chosen - and then delete them all from my basket so that he could book the seats directly for me. Then he suggested I buy a " Friends " membership which would save me 20% off each ticket and would pay for itself immediately - so I did that.  Total cost was just under £200.  Cripes!.

So that all took longer than expected and before I could have my second attempt at going out the phone rang.  It was the Osteoarthritis Research people asking if I wanted to take part in one of their drug trails.  ( If you recall I was going to do it earlier this year but had to pull out as I was travelling abroad and would not have been able to get travel insurance if I had been on a trail )  Anyway I said I was still interested so I answered a lot of  questions and I now have an appointment to go to Hexham Hospital to see a doctor who will decide if I'm suitable for the trail.  They will send a taxi on the day.  Much easier for me than having to get two buses to get to Hexham.

By the time I got off the phone it was getting dark so I decided not to go out at all.

Steps today - 3,419

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